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Welcome all to the Uni Pushbike club!  Students and non-students, Go to Uni or do not go to Uni, All Welcome!

Check out our webpages for awesome info and events happening all year.

Pushbikes are awesome transport!  If you disagree then you are doing it wrong and/or you haven’t busted the myths yet.
All excuses for not cycling are solvable. (fully covered cargo electric assist tricycles, etc)
More details on our website pages.  Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about:

Take a Road Myth survey quiz (everyone wins a bike)

1. Avoid main roads (Google maps sends you the wrong way) and discover safe, fresh air backstreet shortcuts.  Save time combining exercise and transport. Watch out for spiky grass that punctures tyres.  Avoid the light rail roads.
2. Never ride on the road where an opening car door may hit you (Newy’s “fake bike lanes” dangerously confuse us to ride too close to parked cars). Learn better backstreet shortcuts & lane position, riding skills and road rules.
3. Secure your bike from theft!  Lock bikes to a pole inside with D-Locks .
4.  All cars tailgate dangerously (should leave a 3 second safety gap to car in front, but most leave a terrifying 1 second gap). All cars above 30km/hr in residential streets are a danger to pedestrians.
5. Put your seat higher for easier, faster cycling, and your knees will hurt less.  Also less standing out of seat is safer.
6. At night get lights so you can see 3seconds in front of you depending on what speed and what road lighting you are cycling in.
7.  Pushbiking for transport is a realistic choice for all.  Walk bike slowly on footpaths if you have to: Pass pedestrians slowly and with 1 metre or more clearance.
8. Pushbike Cycle Safe Network and better public transport means less traffic congestion for all.  And cheaper than endless highways Win, win, win for everyone!
9. Newy council’s 2030 vision and top results from it’s surveys specify wanting Active Travel (including buses, walking and biking) for most short trips to be a viable option for all.
10.  Medium density cities are less stressful than 2hour commuting.  More public money for hospitals, schools, and jobs.  Spread out cities (more car use) make internet, homes, etc too costly.

Ethical Transport to Newcastle Uni NewSpace

July 2017 is the opening of the NewSpace building that brings 1000’s of students into town to study.

For all people in the CBD (residents, workers, students, etc), now is the perfect time to dodge the congested main roads and get the best parking with a pushbike!

The Uni pushbike club empowers students and the general public with solutions for happier ethical lifestyles (faster travel times, less stress etc.) .  The uni bike club also supplies ethical pushbikes that you can buy or borrow.

We help make pushbiking for transport a realistic choice for all (E.g. Fully covered cargo electric assist tricycles are useful, and all other excuses of not cycling are solvable).
Learn all the backstreet shortcuts and shared paths to dodge the congested main roads.  Our bike skills workshops are life transforming experiences to discover what 99% of Australians do not know about cities, cars, bicycles, etc.  Car crashes and continual tailgating (less then 3 seconds to the car in front) means cars are not the preferred ethical choice “Cars just put too many other car drivers in danger”
Need to inform the public about the signposted R6 route from Jesmond Uni Campus (Callaghan) to Newcastle CBD.  It is safer to go through the TAFE then to go down Chin Chen St which has confusing bike pictures painted on the road.
Bicycling assists solving most our community problems and Newcastle Council’s 2030 vision is for most trips to be a viable option for walking and cycling (short trips under 5km).

Stop confusion of shared paths and promote pushbike use with signs on campus

Please email the below text to

Not many people at UoN know the Callaghan UoN campus pathway rules. So NUBUG wants the confusion to end.
Here is an attempt at signage that NUBUG will lobby UoN to put up in a number of key pathways on campus.

UoN encourages Active travelling to Uni (walking and bicycling)
Pushbikes are Faster and Safer than you think (backstreet shortcuts, lights at night, learn what 99% people do not know)
Use secure Bike Hub parking (Showers, lockers and Unisex tiolets)
All pathways at Uni are shared (walk and bicycle):
Keep on the left side of paths
Use bell to warn but only pass walkers if safe, slow and 1m clearance
Don’t “buzz” past a walker like when cars pass pushbikes too closely.
Pictures of happy walking and happy cycling on the left side of paths
Picture of a car using the other side of the road when overtaking a cyclist on the Ring Road.

From your name, address and student/staff number if you have

Summer Beach rips and Pushbike road safety rips

Summer Beach rips and Pushbike road safety rips
Two Important summer safety informations in one lesson so everyone can have more fun this year.  Commonsense or your intuition won’t work here!
Many novice people visiting the beach trying to find calm waters to cool of in, look at the crashing waves and think they are dangerous.  So they may swim in the calm waters without waves.  But the beach enticed them into a rip and they get swept out to see and may need to be rescued.  The beach experts (lifeguards), know where to set up the red/yellow flags where the waves are bringing the water back into the sandy beach.  We thank the Newcastle council informing of how to be a beach expert on their website:
The next thing many novice people experience in Newcastle is riding a pushbike on Newcastle roads.  Many peoples intuition says to cycle as far away from moving cars as possible and they end up riding close to parked cars on the far left of the road.  Or some of the busier main roads entice them to use “bike picture lanes” which are also too close to parked cars.  But you are playing Russian roulette when riding in the car door opening area.   The pushbike experts know that the road rules and RMS inform to NEVER ride close to parked cars,  you can always find a safer back street shortcut, and better lane position can greatly improve your enjoyment in riding a bike.  The novice cyclist sees all the bike pictures on the roads and assumes they are the “red/yellow flagged safe area of the road”, but unknowingly they have been persuaded to cycle in the rip (rest in peace) area of the road.  For every pushbike complaint/problem there are solutions, so save years of frustration and learn what 99% of people do not know to make your bicycling 1000 times more enjoyable.  It is very unfortunate that no information exists on Newcastle council websites about the confusing bike pictures on roads:
It is more disappointing that pushbike experts have been trying to get the council to remove the confusing bike pictures for two decades or more with no success.  Maybe the supercar circuit will mean the bike pictures will be removed from the East end?
Daniel Endicott (Ethical, safe transport)

RMS planning Jesmond Hwy to slow cars, pushbikes, and walkers

Update: May 2018:  Advocates Win!  The RMS plans are changed to have a tunnel and no three signal crossings! Hooray!


MEDIA RELEASE from NUBUG (Dec 2016):

It is time for Newcastle motorists to join the rest of the community in getting the RMS to change its plans to have traffic lights slowing motorists from getting on/off the new highway.

The Roads and Maritime Services of NSW are building the final section of the Newcastle Inner City Bypass from Rankin Park to Jesmond. At the northern interchange, the current plans are to remove the shared cycle/foot path between Jesmond Park and Jesmond and replace it with with three signal crossings, over eight lanes of traffic to make car traffic slower.

Daniel Endicott, spokeperson of NUBUG said “The RMS continues to say they are helping all modes of transport but when they spend money they miss the bigger picture.  Encouraging everyone into cars is not going to ease road congestion.  Getting more people on public transport, bicycling and walking and to make main roads faster, and backstreets safer is how to stop Newcastle traffic becoming like Sydney’s.  The Uni pushbike club launched it’s “Happy Travellers” campaign to get these bigger pictures out into the community and for us all to unite.  So motorists need to call on the RMS to build more offroad pushbike paths for the good of the whole network”

The overwhelming desire of the community is that the existing path (which has been used since 1949 when the tramline was removed) be retained as a continuous off road route via an underpass, or combination of underpass and overhead bridges AND to not have more traffic lights impeding road traffic flow. The Roads and Maritime Services have received many submissions over the past few years relating to their plans but they have not made a serious attempt to solve the problem of retaining the pathThere are plenty of alternative possibilities for retaining the shared path, but the RMS seem to be not interested in listening and are intent on destroying this community facility.

The final review process is underway and the Department of Planning and Environment is accepting submissions on this project until 16th December 2016. More info at

Happy Travellers campaign

Our promotion video game style animation clip free for anyone to use/watch :
Making Everyone happy with a World’s best practice transport mix:
Faster main roads for cars, more buses/trains for people to have screen time while travelling, better pushbike paths.
More dense cities (affordable housing) are faster (spread out suburbs are inefficient) and cost benefit ratios for pushbike paths show increase in society health and increase in business/shops near them.
If you are unhappy cycling, then you are doing it wrong.  Don’t wait for automated robot cars to stop cars tailgating each other, get the right information, skill up, and be safer than cars now.  Be ethical by not putting others in danger.
SAVE TIME: Combine transport with exercise (needed for body and mind happiness every day) Door-to-door on a pushbike (and finding safe shortcuts in backstreets) can be faster than finding car parking/waiting for buses.
Goto our Take Action page for more info.

NUBUG formed again at 2016 AGM

Success!  We have NUBUG for 2016!  Thanks heaps to Andre (the chef and new President), Dan (for the 1000 email notices), Megan (for the posters and support), Phil, Scott, Curtis (NUSEC people that stepped up to Exec positions.  NUBUG was originally formed through NUSA Enviro Collective, so great to have the ongoing enviro support)

NUBUG will have a free dinner event for UoN students for its 2016 AGM to form NUBUG for 2016.

Monday the 5th Sep 5.30-6.30pm in the Glasshouse at UoN.  You can let us know on the facebook event for catering.

Time to form the club for another year! NUBUG promotes and supports cyclists with rides, bike buddies, bike library, fixing, workshops, and advocacy to get better bike facilities for UoN and Newcastle and more.

Please nominate for a position:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

Securer parking on Campus

Please use the bike hubs for more secure (better than outside bike parking) parking on campus, especially after 5pm.  After 5pm, dark, and overnight are the greatest risks for bike thefts.  All staff and students can get into the bike hubs with their id cards (no special joining required).  Still lock your bike up with a lock inside them.

Also to note:

4.Bicycle riders should provide pedestrians with a metre of space on shared paths

Bicycle riders are also encouraged to allow pedestrians a metre of space on shared paths, where possible.

Help promote Active Transport

NUBUG is launching a promotional and educational campaign .  If you want to help out with any ideas that will grab the attention of people we would love to know.   With more people riding bikes there is greater safety in numbers and we also get safer bike lanes.  Be selfish (better bike lanes for you), but it helps all of the community if you help others catch the cycling bug. Discover the new bug as the little known missing link in the transport mix.

Appropriate use of all transport: Cars still have a purpose for some trips.  Trains can be great for destinations near train stations, etc.  Walking and cycling save you time by not needing to go to the gym.

Putting your health, well-being and safety first is a good idea to put pushbiking into everyday life.  If you get to the end of your day and you haven’t been able to fit in any exercise, then a rethink of your lifestyle is highly recommended.  To sustain health (physical and mental) you need activities held throughout all of your life.  The pushbiking habit is great for this.