Bike Love Corral

For everyone who has heard rumores about ‘those guys who fix bikes’ on campus, here are some details.


*** The Bike Love Corral at University Thursdays during semester***


Bike Love Corral

The Bike Love Corral details are:

Time: 10am to 4pm

Date: Every Thursday During Semester

Place: Outside the NUSA Building (around the corner a bit or maybe on the back verandah if it rains).


We love push bikes and will provide the bike, accessories, activities

and fun for FREE! Bikes are the easy, cheap, enviro friendly way to get

around town and connect with our community. All day: Bike fixing and

traffic skills workshops. Help fix / check your own bike OR choose one

to help fix and keep. Buy or borrow bikes from the Newcastle Community

Bike Library. Bike Activism info/workshops on Bike User Groups, Bike Co-op

models, Critical Mass & World Naked Bike Ride.

supported by:

NUSA Enviro Collective

Critical Mass

World Naked Bike Ride

Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre

Newcastle Cycleways Movement

Newcastle University Bicycle Users’ Group (NUBUG)

Thursday Bike Bus to Uni

Thursday during semester the bike bus takes riders to Uni.

Assemble 9:15am The Gateway Hotel, Maitland Road, Islington.

Or pick up the group along the route.


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