• World Naked Bike Ride is on TODAY (Saturday 12 March 2011)  assemble clothed at the little park just south of the Hamilton Train Station with your bike and helmet. The ride is clothing optional so you can decide for yourself how much or how little clothing you want to wear. The ride is a protest for PEACE and SUSTAINABILITY. It costs nothing to participate. The ride is just over 10km and on the flat. For more information see: the websitehttp://wiki.worldnakedbikeride.org/index.php?title=Newcastle or the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137638951594
  • Loop the Lake is on Sunday 13 March and is a charity bike ride presented by the Rotary Club of Warners Bay. The ride goes all the way or part of the way around Lake Macquarie depending on which category you enter. There are 85km, 50km and 16 km sections. Entry is $45 for adults and the money goes to the John Hunter Children’s Hospital and other charities. Entrants need to complete a form which can be found at the website with more information:http://www.loopthelake.com.au/
  • NUBUG Weekly Meetings 5pm Thursday Afternoon, Mamadukes Coffee Shop or somewhere quieter if the baristas do not turn the piped house music down so we can hear each other. Please look around in the Brennan room if you come late and can not find anyone. Hopefully Manadukes will want to make us comfortable. Gus is compiling a list of people who want to speak to a consultant who is looking at sustainable bike transport plan for the Uni. Consultation sessions are planned for the 22nd of March. Gus can tell everyone more about that and rope in more interested members. NUBUG Meetings are usually fairly informal and are social, chatty and interesting. Bring your ideas. There is not an agenda yet. Under our new constitution these weekly meetings will probably be called Committee Meetings and be minuted.



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