Uni to CBD (R6) marked cycle route has been detoured by Council wrongly

The Uni to CBD (R6) marked cycle route has been detoured by Council wrongly. Through Georgetown, please use Chatham Rd and Young St instead of Georgetown Rd and Parkview St. This takes the less busy way and cuts out a hill. However, NUBUG thank the Council for the temporary R6 bike pictures NOT being in a dangerous and confusing place on the road like the rest of R6 on Chinchen St, etc . Remember that any bike picture that is trying to make you ride closely to parked cars should be ignored. For your safety usually ride 1.5m away from parked cars. 

This detour is due to a new bridge opening in May 2016 near the Tighes Hill TAFE.  Update: Apparently some (support?) structures need to be redone, so the opening time will hopefully be in Spring 2016.

There is also a safer UNMARKED detour on the North side of Tighes Hill TAFE.  From CBD go to Maitland Rd, and follow shared path along Maitland Rd (outside of Tighes Hill TAFE).  It crosses the train tracks on the footpath.  Legally you should walk your bike across this footpath (but everyone jaywalks, so just ride very slowly).  Then take a left between the buildings, down an alleyway/footpath.  This goes past a park, and over a drain.  Go down the back street. First left, 3nd right, left, and right and you are back on R6.


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