NUBUG formed again at 2016 AGM

Success!  We have NUBUG for 2016!  Thanks heaps to Andre (the chef and new President), Dan (for the 1000 email notices), Megan (for the posters and support), Phil, Scott, Curtis (NUSEC people that stepped up to Exec positions.  NUBUG was originally formed through NUSA Enviro Collective, so great to have the ongoing enviro support)

NUBUG will have a free dinner event for UoN students for its 2016 AGM to form NUBUG for 2016.

Monday the 5th Sep 5.30-6.30pm in the Glasshouse at UoN.  You can let us know on the facebook event for catering.

Time to form the club for another year! NUBUG promotes and supports cyclists with rides, bike buddies, bike library, fixing, workshops, and advocacy to get better bike facilities for UoN and Newcastle and more.

Please nominate for a position:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer


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