Summer Beach rips and Pushbike road safety rips

Summer Beach rips and Pushbike road safety rips
Two Important summer safety informations in one lesson so everyone can have more fun this year.  Commonsense or your intuition won’t work here!
Many novice people visiting the beach trying to find calm waters to cool of in, look at the crashing waves and think they are dangerous.  So they may swim in the calm waters without waves.  But the beach enticed them into a rip and they get swept out to see and may need to be rescued.  The beach experts (lifeguards), know where to set up the red/yellow flags where the waves are bringing the water back into the sandy beach.  We thank the Newcastle council informing of how to be a beach expert on their website:
The next thing many novice people experience in Newcastle is riding a pushbike on Newcastle roads.  Many peoples intuition says to cycle as far away from moving cars as possible and they end up riding close to parked cars on the far left of the road.  Or some of the busier main roads entice them to use “bike picture lanes” which are also too close to parked cars.  But you are playing Russian roulette when riding in the car door opening area.   The pushbike experts know that the road rules and RMS inform to NEVER ride close to parked cars,  you can always find a safer back street shortcut, and better lane position can greatly improve your enjoyment in riding a bike.  The novice cyclist sees all the bike pictures on the roads and assumes they are the “red/yellow flagged safe area of the road”, but unknowingly they have been persuaded to cycle in the rip (rest in peace) area of the road.  For every pushbike complaint/problem there are solutions, so save years of frustration and learn what 99% of people do not know to make your bicycling 1000 times more enjoyable.  It is very unfortunate that no information exists on Newcastle council websites about the confusing bike pictures on roads:
It is more disappointing that pushbike experts have been trying to get the council to remove the confusing bike pictures for two decades or more with no success.  Maybe the supercar circuit will mean the bike pictures will be removed from the East end?
Daniel Endicott (Ethical, safe transport)

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