Stop confusion of shared paths and promote pushbike use with signs on campus

Please email the below text to

Not many people at UoN know the Callaghan UoN campus pathway rules. So NUBUG wants the confusion to end.
Here is an attempt at signage that NUBUG will lobby UoN to put up in a number of key pathways on campus.

UoN encourages Active travelling to Uni (walking and bicycling)
Pushbikes are Faster and Safer than you think (backstreet shortcuts, lights at night, learn what 99% people do not know)
Use secure Bike Hub parking (Showers, lockers and Unisex tiolets)
All pathways at Uni are shared (walk and bicycle):
Keep on the left side of paths
Use bell to warn but only pass walkers if safe, slow and 1m clearance
Don’t “buzz” past a walker like when cars pass pushbikes too closely.
Pictures of happy walking and happy cycling on the left side of paths
Picture of a car using the other side of the road when overtaking a cyclist on the Ring Road.

From your name, address and student/staff number if you have


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