Ethical Transport to Newcastle Uni NewSpace

July 2017 is the opening of the NewSpace building that brings 1000’s of students into town to study.

For all people in the CBD (residents, workers, students, etc), now is the perfect time to dodge the congested main roads and get the best parking with a pushbike!

The Uni pushbike club empowers students and the general public with solutions for happier ethical lifestyles (faster travel times, less stress etc.) .  The uni bike club also supplies ethical pushbikes that you can buy or borrow.

We help make pushbiking for transport a realistic choice for all (E.g. Fully covered cargo electric assist tricycles are useful, and all other excuses of not cycling are solvable).
Learn all the backstreet shortcuts and shared paths to dodge the congested main roads.  Our bike skills workshops are life transforming experiences to discover what 99% of Australians do not know about cities, cars, bicycles, etc.  Car crashes and continual tailgating (less then 3 seconds to the car in front) means cars are not the preferred ethical choice “Cars just put too many other car drivers in danger”
Need to inform the public about the signposted R6 route from Jesmond Uni Campus (Callaghan) to Newcastle CBD.  It is safer to go through the TAFE then to go down Chin Chen St which has confusing bike pictures painted on the road.
Bicycling assists solving most our community problems and Newcastle Council’s 2030 vision is for most trips to be a viable option for walking and cycling (short trips under 5km).

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