Divesting money away from the Climate Change

The Newcastle University Bicycle Users’ Group (NUBUG) is joining with other Climate change activists in divesting their money away from the Commonwealth Bank.

NUBUG is celebrating this and calling for other UoN clubs to do the same.  

NUBUG spokesperson said, “We invite all members to come along and help us celebrate our decision and action…..Dress to impress in reef colours……And step up to save our reef and the ecosystem of our future planet!  Feel free to bring any climate-friendly cakes  and snacks “

NUBUG are trying to apply the Uni’s ethical policies in NUBUG’s charted.  NUBUG ‘s ethical advisor explains, “UoN’s University Ethical Framework acknowledges we are leaders in sustainability. We make a significant contribution to the economic, social and environmental capacity of our communities. 

Climate change is both a social justice and a human rights issues and our participation in violence is unacceptable at this important time in history where sustainability will be the key to survival for millions of people and lifeforms on our planet.”

“Our lives, our climate, our planet and our reef are being put at risk by the actions of the few. As communities and individuals are stepping up to make the changes that are required so too should our representatives and big business. Climate change is serious! And every life matters! There can be no more business as usual in the violence of any form especially on our campus where we are required to be community leaders in our world. “, NUBUG spokesperson comcluded.


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