Secrets to happy bicycling

Pushbikes are awesome transport!  If you disagree then you are doing it wrong and/or you haven’t busted the myths yet.
All excuses for not cycling are solvable. (fully covered cargo electric assist tricycles, etc)
More details on our website pages.  Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about:
1. Avoid main roads (Google maps sends you the wrong way) and discover safe, fresh air backstreet shortcuts.  Save time combining exercise and transport. Watch out for spiky grass that punctures tyres.  
2. Never ride on the road where an opening car door may hit you (Newy’s “fake bike lanes” dangerously confuse us to ride too close to parked cars). Learn better backstreet shortcuts & lane position, riding skills and road rules.
3. Secure your bike from theft!  Lock bikes to a pole inside with D-Locks .
4.  All cars tailgate dangerously (should leave a 3 second safety gap to car in front, but most leave a terrifying 1 second gap). All cars above 30km/hr in residential streets are a danger to pedestrians.
5. Put your seat higher for easier, faster cycling, and your knees will hurt less.  Also less standing out of seat is safer.
6. At night get lights so you can see 3seconds in front of you depending on what speed and what road lighting you are cycling in.
7.  Pushbiking for transport is a realistic choice for all.  Walk bike slowly on footpaths if you have to: Pass pedestrians slowly and with 1 metre or more clearance.
8. Pushbike Cycle Safe Network and better public transport means less traffic congestion for all.  And cheaper than endless highways Win, win, win for everyone!
9. Newy council’s 2030 vision and top results from it’s surveys specify wanting Active Travel (including buses, walking and biking) for most short trips to be a viable option for all.
10.  Medium density cities are less stressful than 2hour commuting.  More public money for hospitals, schools, and jobs.  Spread out cities (more car use) make internet, homes, etc too costly.

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