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Bike rides, bike library, fixing, skills learning. Pushbikes are awesome transport! If you disagree then you do not know the secrets yet.   https://secretstohappypushbiking.wordpress.com/ . Lobby for More secure bike parking and CycleSafeNetwork.

Get empowered with knowledge that 99% of people do not know (it is difficult to google it)

Newy Council’s 2030 Vision :”Walking, cycling and public transport will be viable options for the majority of our trips.” So most less than 5km trips.  Covered cargo electric assist bikes are useful and all other excuses of not cycling are solvable.  Higher main road speeds, more public transport and building a CycleSafe Network will reduce congestion Win Win Win.   Pushbikes help solve most of our community problems:  Discover the bigger picture, life transforming journey, including more reasons this is related at https://nubug.wordpress.com/take-action/

We help make pushbiking for transport a realistic choice for all now (ask us anything!); solutions for happier ethical lifestyles (faster travel times, less stress etc.)

Facebook Group page:  NUBUG- Newcastle University Bike Users Group

Newcastle University Bicycle Users’ Group (nubug.orgATgmail.com $1 membership per year) is a cycling advocacy group, which seeks to promote cycling for fun, sport and transport.  It’s complete constitution is on its facebook page.  We are a BUG: bicyclensw.org.au/content/bugs . We have hundreds of events every year (check out the events page).   Anyone in the club can help with events (even if you have an idea for a new event!)

We aim to encourage the University of Newcastle, and all authorities in charge of transport to provide more infrastructure to support cycling, and make it safer and more convenient to commute and stay healthy.  Also See The Uni active travel pages: newcastle.edu.au/activetravel


Newcastlepushbikelibrary : Newcastlepushbikelibrary.wordpress.com

Proposal for ethical transport network: CycleSafeNetwork.org.au

Comprehensive Uni cycling pages including maps: newcastle.edu.au/activetravel

Local Peak cycling advocacy group: NewcastleCycleways.org.au

Facebook pages : The Bike Library at UoN Newcastle Bicycle Community and Workshop

Critical Mass (bike ride to celebrate cycling), BicycleNSW.org.au, Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre (radical advocacy group), World Naykd Bike Ride  (Misunderstood World Protest Bike Ride)

Safe spaces agreement at our bike hub:

We want to actively create this space as one that is inviting, engaging and supportive, where all people feel comfortable behaving genuinely.  So abide by UN Human rights, no discrimination, no means no, no physical contact .

Section 9 of NUBUG Constitution 2018:

  • Club Code of Conduct
    • All members must act to be inclusive and treat everyone equitably, consistently and appropriately.
    • All members must behave and communicate in a manner that does not offend, degrade or humiliate.
    • All members must show consideration for the property of NUSA and the property of others.
    • The Club will not encourage or tolerate bigoted or otherwise hateful behaviour. Sexism, racism, prejudice relating to sexual orientation and gender, religious intolerance, and all other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated.
    • The Club will not tolerate drunk and disorderly behaviour that interrupts its events or otherwise adversely affects Club members or other people. Any member found to be contravening this clause will be asked to leave the event, and the Club Executive may resolve to suspend or expel a member from the Club in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.

Happy Travellers campaign For a more Awesome Newcastle (World’s best practice solutions )

Please use our animation clip to promote more ethical, happy and healthy community  :
Everyone can be more happy with a World’s best practice transport mix:
Faster main roads for cars, more buses/trains for people to have screen time while travelling, better pushbike paths.
More dense cities (affordable housing) are faster (spread out suburbs are inefficient) and cost benefit ratios for pushbike paths show increase in society health and increase in business/shops near them.
If you are unhappy cycling, then you are doing it wrong.  Don’t wait for automated robot cars to stop cars tailgating each other, get the right information, skill up, and be safer than cars now.
SAVE TIME: Combine transport with exercise (needed for body and mind happiness every day) Door-to-door on a pushbike (and finding safe shortcuts in backstreets) can be faster than finding car parking/waiting for buses.
The only negative to pushbikes is the same as learning to ride for the 1st time, very frightening, but very rewarding when you gain the “1st world skill” of “learning to ride a bike”.  With robot automated cars in the future (invented to mainly save millions of lives from car crashes), the “rite of passage” of learning to “drive a car” will no longer be the modern day “you are now grown up for going out into the world”.   The next “rite of passage” will be learning to ride a pushbike skillfully and safely (seat height / stopping skills / leg rotation speed for faster more efficient riding.  Learning shortcuts, learning the actual safety of cars and lane position).  The RMS (state authority) recommends a 3 second safety gap between a car following another car, but most people leave only 1 to 2 seconds.  This is why many safety conscious people give up on the car because they cannot control the car dangerously following them.  You can gain much more safety and control on a pushbike by learning better skills and back streets.  Pushbike advocates love to help people find better backstreets, and to make submissions many government things because pushbikes are a critical part of a happy and ethical society.
Use every opportunity to help solve the whole society problem, and to discover the missing link in transport solutions.
Transition to clean , healthy safe communities with safer energy that creates jobs.  Stop urban sprawl making housing unaffordable.  More high density affordable apartments in cities for healthy safe communities, that can walk, cycle, public transport for transport.  Need to start talking about the elephant in the room.  Car culture and urban sprawl producing highways are bad.  Then developers use highways to further urban sprawl.  We need higher density population in cities to crack housing affordability.  We need walk/cycle/public transport for active transport to beat the obesity epidemic, etc, etc

A highly visible campaign, to engage everyone is needed to grow support.

Goto our Take Action page for more info. https://nubug.wordpress.com/take-action/


2018 Elected Executive:
President: Jarrett Wood
Vice President: Andre Cook
Secretary: Li Kheng Chai
Treasurer : Vee Ki
Bike Love Corral Co-ordinator: Daniel Endicott

AGM 2018

26th Feb 2018 NUBUG AGM minutes taken by Daniel Endicott :
5:30pm to 7:30pm at Brennan Room – Shortland Union at UoN
Confirmation to reaffiliate with NUSA;
Confirmation to keep member fee $1;
Draw of the lucky door prize; (Li)
Confirmation of the previous year’s AGM minutes;
Reports from the executive committee;
Report on the Club’s activities since the last General Meeting;
Presentation of the Annual Report and Financial Statements;
Amendments to the constitution (if applicable);
Attendance sheet scanned.
Apologies: Curtis Morton
2017 AGM Annual Report and Club’s activities since the last General Meeting by Daniel Endicott (on behalf of Andre Cook):
Bike rides every 1st Friday of the month, 5pm into the city.  And Bike buses (see NUBUG facebook pinned top post)
BLC workshop provide social and ethical pushbike services (bike library, fixing, skills, workshops etc) all year
Notices for people to park at UoN in more secure bike hubs.  Suggested to UoN for signage: Shared paths at UoN and promoting Bike Hubs
Proposal for many other activities/events on FB and website:  Need vollies to help plan/ and or GG training
300 $50 bike deal through NUSA and UoN.   Michael Labone (NUSA president) in March meeting with Daniel and Andre confirmed that “The $50 bike deal monies should go to NUBUG”.  $7500 of Sem 1 has not been given to NUBUG yet.  NUBUG administered 2nd half of the year.
The rental agreement of Bike Hub East is up for renewal and the $1 / year may be raised
NUSA has informed UoN they do not want to administer the $50 bike deal as they have done for the previous 3 years
2017 Financial Report by Daniel Endicott (on behalf of Andre Cook)
In :$40 membership and donations
Bank Balance : $10,232.86
$7500 NUSA needing to pay NUBUG for 150 of $50 bike deals.
From 2017 AGM minutes NUBUG cash float was minus $171
So new NUBUG cash float is 171-40 = minus $131
Current NUBUG cash float is minus $131
General Business:
1. Bike hubs need to be promoted more
2. Shared path crossing near UoN main roundabout entrance road needs priority and/or pedestrian crossing.  (Other 2 main road entrances to UoN need pedestrian/bicycle priority aswell but not as high priority as near the roundabout)
3. Dan to set up a meeting with UoN (Daan) with Jarrett and Andre to discuss $50 bike deal, rental agreement of Bike Hub East, and items 1 and 2 above.
4. Any NUBUG member can help with NUBUG events.  The elected people are not responsible for what kinds of events we have.

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