Bike Workshop, Events, and Library

Social Rides (Cafe Hop/ BBQRide / Critical Mass meet up)

Every 1st Friday of the month (but not public holidays), a NUBUG ride from Bike Hub East at 5pm and it ends at Civic Park (Newcastle CBD).  We are meeting up with the Critical Mass bike ride (separate from NUBUG) that starts at 6pm from Civic Park.  Check out the Facebook Group for details, and for other rides.

Bike Love Corral (Free safety checks, fixing help/Workshop/BikeLibrary)

NUBUG invites the Bike Love Corral to campus at Bike Hub East (near student services) and

NUBUG volunteers promoting happy, ethical, safe sustainable pushbike use.  Cheap fully working 2nd hand bicycles/parts/fixing. Buy,borrow,rent,hire or order with cash or trade-ins. 25 more bikes each week (kids/adults). Donate bikes/parts. Discover safer routes, lane positions/traffic skills, the crazy bike pictures,etc.

Open : Mon to Sat 9am-5pm ph 0249138144.

Closed times: see

$50 Bike Deal

An initiative through UoN and NUSA to encourage ethical transport.  For $50, UoN students can get a preloved bike from NUBUG, and new helmet and lock.

Bike Bus and Bike Buddies

NUBUG facebook page has Bike Buddies as the top pinned post.  They can show you some of the main routes to Uni or you can help someone else navigate their way home. We have a free bike bus from Hamilton every Monday to Saturday in the morning.  Email us if you want to join it.  Need help with routes to and from University?

Learn Bike Skills (Seat height, lane position, stopping skills, blind spots, and more)

Most people (over 99%) can greatly increase their happiness in cycling by gaining better cycling skills.   NUBUG runs this at Bike Hub East.

Bike to Breakfast (Ride2Uni)

The annual Ride2Work day has a wonderful breakfast, and is organized mainly through The Uni active travel pages:

Bike Love Corral history.  Outdated by NUBUG 2017 constitution


Because no previous written documentation existed about the NUSA, NuBUG and the Bike Love Corral relationship, NUBUG wanted to produce a written document as below (to explain their understanding of the current verbal agreements between the parties.  The relationship has existed successfully for about 10 years (part time in front of NUSA building prior to Bike Hub East building) with many verbal agreements, and mutual coperations.  NUBUG has informed NUSA of the document below but it is unknown if NUSA have formally passed any motions in any meetings about it.

FORMALISING the NUSA, NuBUG and the Bike Love Corral relationship.*(refer previous paragraph for further clarification of below)
The following was endorsed at NUBUG’s  March 2015 AGM

NUSA, NuBUG and the Bike Love Corral
1. The Bike Love Corral (BLC) is located in a room in the Bike Hub East building leased by UoN to NUSA for the purposes of bicycle related activities.
2. NUSA allows NuBUG (Newcastle University bike users group, Affiliated club of NUSA) to use and operate the bicycle workshop space.
3. NuBUG operate the bike workshop as the Bike Love Corral.
4. NuBUG elects BLC co­ordinator/s to co­ordinate BLC activities.
5. Bike Love Corral activities include: a. NuBUG meetings/events, b. use of food/sink/lunch table area, c. promoting pushbikes (through discussion, information, workshops, information handouts and websites, petitions), d. BLC volunteers provide fixing help, parts, fixing/cycling workshops, sourcing bikes.  e. NuBUG runs a Bike Library where funds are kept in NuBUG bank account for future bike returns.
6. As an affiliate of NUSA, NUSA insurance covers all these BLC activities, so long as: a. all activities are under the NuBUG brand b. volunteers are members of NuBUG, student or staff of UON. c. all UON events with individuals riding bicycles off campus are documented to NUSA in writing.d. all UON events with individuals riding bicycles on campus are made aware of their own risk when riding a bicycle
7. Bike Love Corral permit the use of the facility to: a. all students and staff of UON b. all NuBUG members c. other local pushbike activist groups (E.g. Newcastle Cycleways Movement meetings)
8. NuBUG aims to embed the Bike Love Corral concept and use of appropriate space into University organisation policy, procedures and associated resource support.
The original BLC aims and activities for Accommodation for the BIKE LOVE CORRAL on Callaghan Campus of The University of Newcastle is on BLC website.  It was based on the 500mx500m proposal not the 3m x12m current space.  It did not include the required NUSA, NuBUG and Bike Love Corral relationship for insurance purposes.

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