Cheap New Bikes

When you get used to cycling, the car becomes less convenient.

**********************************SAFETY ALERT***************************************

“Bargain” bikes from Department and Chain stores (and online) including An@conda, R1ed, BigKW etc (not bike shops) usually need all nuts tightened or they soon go dangerously loose (bearing locknuts, handlebars, cranks, etc).  Low quality steel painted wheels using v-brakes cause the brake pads to wear out very quickly, especially when they put brake pads for alloy wheels onto these steel wheels. So if you went on a long ride you could easily have no brakes left at the end.  These don’t meet AS1927 bicycle quality standard, and for these reasons these bad bikes should be banned!  (And we refuse to issue these types of bikes anymore). Recently some Uni students kept complaining and taking back their new unsafe bikes and they got a full refund.  Do this to stop them selling unsafe bikes.  You get what you pay for with new bikes, sometimes the only way to produce the bike so cheaply is to not tighten things correctly

**********************************SAFETY ALERT***************************************


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