UoN Cycle Maps

NUBUG recommend a diversion for the Signposted Route 6 from University of Newcastle’s Callaghan Campus to City Campus (Also do not use google maps by bike)

We recommend going through the TAFE at Tighes Hill (bypassing the dangerous Chin Chen St)


The University also has maps of the road cycle routes as part of their active travel program, here.


Please note that it is not recommended that cyclists cycle where there are bike pictures in the car door opening lane. It is important to ask your bike buddy to show the safe way to cycle in these situations. These road markings do not indicate a legal bike lane and it is the communities understanding that they are gradually being removed from the infrastructure as the new cycle-safe network is being delivered. http://www.csn.org.au/

You can also take your bike on the train and cycle from Hamilton Station. If it’s raining you could leave your bike in a “bike hub” and catch a bus or a train home and grab your bike the next day.


Finding this all confusing!

If you are new to the area (or even if you have been here your whole life) it might seem pretty confusing but just ask a bike buddy to show you the routes. It is a super enjoyable and easier fun way to learn easier to learn! Don’t be afraid to ask to be shown the track a few times, the roads aren’t well signposted and some signage features can cause confusion to all cyclists.

Bike buddies on NUBUG facebook page OR Email to connect up with a bike buddy.  nunbug.org@gmail.com

Some Important Safety Cycling Advice 

It is wise to cycle 1.5m out from parked cars and give drivers room to open car doors suddenly.  This may cause some concern to car drivers but is perfectly legal and the safest option for you. ( NSW Road Rule 153, 144, 247)

Car doors are super dangerous and can open suddenly causing serious injuries to cyclists. Stay Safe! 

Important things to know whilst on the university campus!

Find a shower on campus after your ride!

Callaghan campus has showers pretty much everywhere where you can shower after your trip. All the locations are listed on the document below.


Important Security Information

Bikes are desirable items and an unlocked bike is a ripe bounty for bike thief’s which is great news for the planet but not so great news for you.

It is a good idea to keep your bike super secure and not to use the open air bike racks on campus.

The Campus has bike hubs which you can access with your student card. Bike hubs have showers, toilets and temporary lockers where you can store cycling gear during the day.  A quick call to security before you leave the main building can organize a security guard to walk you out to the bike hub to collect your bike.

If your bike is stolen. It is super important to report to police ASAP ph 131444 and report to Campus security as soon as you can.

“Bike Hubs” @ Callaghan University Campus 

The Callaghan University Campus has two Bike Hubs, Bike Hub East or Bike Hub West West! Check out the map below for their locations or ask your bike buddy to show you!

Sourced from UON website

There is also a new  “Bike Hub” @ the city campus.

University paths are ALL  shared paths with pedestrians, so it’s important to give way to others and ring your bell when approaching from behind. You can cycle on the paths or on the roads.

Congratulations you now have unlimited free all year round parking and are making a  positive impact on the planet, the community and your health.! Read more about the advantages here…http://www.theherald.com.au/story/4847553/the-wheels-that-won/

Or watch it here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUYebWBVZVY


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