Cycling is only as enjoyable as the route you take.  Uni to City (CBD) – Signposted Route 6

Most of the official Signposted “R6” route is good with the following exceptions:  Do not cross Maitland Rd and go down Chin Chen St at Islington.  Much safer to go through the TAFE .  The new shared Path at Scholey st bridge is a “blind” intersection on the West side. Watch out for fast cars coming down the bridge. There is also a safer UNMARKED detour on the North side of Tighes Hill TAFE.  From CBD go to Maitland Rd, and follow shared path along Maitland Rd (outside of Tighes Hill TAFE).  It crosses the train tracks on the footpath.  Legally you should walk your bike across this footpath (but everyone jaywalks, so just ride very slowly).  Then take a left between the buildings, down an alleyway/footpath.  This goes past a park, and over a drain.  Go down the back street Moolcha. First left, 2nd right, 2nd left, and right, left and right and you are back on R6. Sounds more complicated then it is, it is just zigzagging through some backstreets.

WARNING with maps.  Some maps (especially council ones) have information about on-road markings. NEVER ride close to parked cars (even when bike pictures on roads confuse you).  Unseen children can open car doors and push you into traffic.  NSW Road Rules 153, 144 & 247 advise to ride the safe way (usually 1.5m away from parked cars)

The Uni has most of the best maps (apart from Uni to City CBD Route 6 comments above) on their active travel pages:

Adamstown to University

Click picture for interactive map

Campus Bikeracks (do not use them when dark.  Use Bike Hub Ease or West for secure parking)

Sourced from UON website

Cycling Strategy & Action Map (Outdated, has the most up to date)

Sourced from Council website

UoN Cycle map (warning: On-road markings include confusing and dangerous bike pictures on the roads) Latest at

Sourced from NCM website

RTA Newcastle Cycle map (warning: On-road markings include confusing and dangerous bike pictures on the roads)

Sourced from RTA website

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