NUBUG formed again at 2016 AGM

Success!  We have NUBUG for 2016!  Thanks heaps to Andre (the chef and new President), Dan (for the 1000 email notices), Megan (for the posters and support), Phil, Scott, Curtis (NUSEC people that stepped up to Exec positions.  NUBUG was originally formed through NUSA Enviro Collective, so great to have the ongoing enviro support)

NUBUG will have a free dinner event for UoN students for its 2016 AGM to form NUBUG for 2016.

Monday the 5th Sep 5.30-6.30pm in the Glasshouse at UoN.  You can let us know on the facebook event for catering.

Time to form the club for another year! NUBUG promotes and supports cyclists with rides, bike buddies, bike library, fixing, workshops, and advocacy to get better bike facilities for UoN and Newcastle and more.

Please nominate for a position:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer


Securer parking on Campus

Please use the bike hubs for more secure (better than outside bike parking) parking on campus, especially after 5pm.  After 5pm, dark, and overnight are the greatest risks for bike thefts.  All staff and students can get into the bike hubs with their id cards (no special joining required).  Still lock your bike up with a lock inside them.

Also to note:

4.Bicycle riders should provide pedestrians with a metre of space on shared paths

Bicycle riders are also encouraged to allow pedestrians a metre of space on shared paths, where possible.

Help promote Active Transport

NUBUG is launching a promotional and educational campaign .  If you want to help out with any ideas that will grab the attention of people we would love to know.   With more people riding bikes there is greater safety in numbers and we also get safer bike lanes.  Be selfish (better bike lanes for you), but it helps all of the community if you help others catch the cycling bug. Discover the new bug as the little known missing link in the transport mix.

Appropriate use of all transport: Cars still have a purpose for some trips.  Trains can be great for destinations near train stations, etc.  Walking and cycling save you time by not needing to go to the gym.

Putting your health, well-being and safety first is a good idea to put pushbiking into everyday life.  If you get to the end of your day and you haven’t been able to fit in any exercise, then a rethink of your lifestyle is highly recommended.  To sustain health (physical and mental) you need activities held throughout all of your life.  The pushbiking habit is great for this.


Uni to CBD (R6) marked cycle route has been detoured by Council wrongly

The Uni to CBD (R6) marked cycle route has been detoured by Council wrongly. Through Georgetown, please use Chatham Rd and Young St instead of Georgetown Rd and Parkview St. This takes the less busy way and cuts out a hill. However, NUBUG thank the Council for the temporary R6 bike pictures NOT being in a dangerous and confusing place on the road like the rest of R6 on Chinchen St, etc . Remember that any bike picture that is trying to make you ride closely to parked cars should be ignored. For your safety usually ride 1.5m away from parked cars. 

This detour is due to a new bridge opening in May 2016 near the Tighes Hill TAFE.  Update: Apparently some (support?) structures need to be redone, so the opening time will hopefully be in Spring 2016.

There is also a safer UNMARKED detour on the North side of Tighes Hill TAFE.  From CBD go to Maitland Rd, and follow shared path along Maitland Rd (outside of Tighes Hill TAFE).  It crosses the train tracks on the footpath.  Legally you should walk your bike across this footpath (but everyone jaywalks, so just ride very slowly).  Then take a left between the buildings, down an alleyway/footpath.  This goes past a park, and over a drain.  Go down the back street. First left, 3nd right, left, and right and you are back on R6.

Most people are too busy to learn safe road rules like:

Imagine the road authorities painting a picture of a car on the road, in one of two traffic lanes of a road. Imagine the road rules advising that cars do not use the traffic lane with the picture of a car painted in it. “Surely it would be a Car lane where cars should travel if it has a car picture painted in it?” , you ask. You would think the RMS would never do this to confuse people. But they do it for pushbikes all the time.

All pushbike pictures on roads are confusing and dangerous in Newcastle. Almost all of what Novocastrians think are “pushbike lanes” (where you should ride your pushbike” are in fact the exact opposite. They are road areas where you should NOT ride your bike. NSW Road Rules 153, 144 & 247 advise to ride the safe way (usually 1.5m away from parked cars).

No one should ever ride close to parked cars. Unseen kids can always open the door.

Remove this confusion, we want an awesome safer and faster integrated transport system for all (cars, walkers, buses/trains and pushbikes).