Take Action

Take Action

Get empowered with knowledge that 99% of people do not know (it is difficult to google it)

Newy Council’s 2030 Vision :”Walking, cycling and public transport will be viable options for the majority of our trips.” So most less than 5km trips.  Covered cargo electric assist bikes are useful and all other excuses of not cycling are solvable.  Higher main road speeds, more public transport and building a CycleSafe Network will reduce congestion Win Win Win for all!  And human rights for fresh air, & walk and cycle safely (UN’s UDHR Articles 3,5,13,25,26,27,29).  Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/.   https://secretstohappypushbiking.wordpress.com/

It is non scary and safe for people on buses, trains, walking and in cars.  What about bicycles?  Time for Australia to end the discrimination: it is time to build an UnscaryPushbikeNetwork. Europe has proven you can do it and the health benefits outway the costs.

We help make walking and pushbiking for transport a happier, faster and realistic choice for all now (ask us anything!)

Walking and pushbikes help solve most of our community problems:  Discover the bigger picture, life transforming journey, below.

You will not get what you want, or get a transition to a better world if you do not use your democratic right to speak up with what you want.  Individual actions are great ethically, but we need to have a whole community, and to transition the system to a better world for all.  Here is a great start (You will thank us for reading this page:)

It is very hard for people  to change their behaviour even under the most compelling of circumstances.  Science call it the Backfire effect of the brains defence mechanism to fight off its current views)

1. Join the Happy Travellers campaign

2a. Better campus bike safety for UoN

2b Education and Promotion signs for UoN

3. Support the Cycle Safe Network csn.org.au

4.  If you have had another person deliberately pass you too closely, it is assault and a crime

1. Happy Travellers campaign


1a. Intro to discovering the main issues

Basic human right for fresh air and to travel in safety and not put others in danger.  We can be more happy with a transition to an ethical World’s best practice city planning and transport . Ethical habits are using appropriate technology.  All cars above 30km/hr in residential streets are a danger to pedestrians.  Car focused cities (with urban sprawl) make people unhealthy (body and mind), causing social isolation and internet, homes, food & other infrustructure too costly. Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/

Faster main roads for cars, more buses/trains (screen time and active transport), better pushbike shortcut paths.  Pleases everyone, so we can stop the fighting of motorists vs cyclists vs public transport user. Need to start talking about the elephant in the room, the whole system.  No silver bullet on one small part of the problem. #cyclesafenetwork#bestbangperbuck#visionzero
Seriously, they need to prioritise safe and convenient places for walking first (footpaths). Then they need to prioritise safe and convenient places for pushbiking 2nd (separate cycle lanes). THen they need to prioritise safe and convenient places for public transport 3rd. Then cars. They need to stop prioritising cars first in the cbd which is causing congestion, pollution, danger, sedentary lifestyle. Basic human rights to walk and cycle without fear of cars please
1b. Better City Planning
Medium density cities (affordable housing without being high density) are faster (spread out suburbs are inefficient and get people addicted to cars) and cost benefit ratios for bicycle paths show increase in society health and increase in business/shops near them.  Currently half of the vegetables we in NSW eat are from city fringe farms that are due to be overrun by urban sprawl.   Train transport through the bush linking up higher density cities. Stop urban sprawl causing social isolation and wasted travel time and making housing unaffordable.  Curtin uni has done a study that shows the infrastructure (road, water, sewage, phone/NBN, electricity etc) costs for a new suburb are $684,000 per dwelling (Curtin_Sustainability_Paper_0209).   The choice is clear, do you want your fellow Novocastrian safe and happy in a home OR do you want more homeless people and your own home that you are lucky to own to continue to increase in price to unethical prices.  Continuing with new suburbs opening up towards Maitland will continue with more people not having homes. Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/
Some people only drive in day time, so who should pay for street lighting.  Whole of society pays for footpaths, roads and street lighting.  Walking, buses  and cycling is good for the whole of society, reducing congestion and making society more healthy.

1c. Pushbikes faster than you think

If you are unhappy cycling, then you are doing it wrong.  (Get electric assist tricycles with trailers if you have to.  Pushbiking is as easy as walking, choose the easy gears and build up your leg strength). Don’t wait for automated robot cars to stop cars tailgating each other, get the right information, skill up, and be safer than cars now. SAVE TIME: Combine transport with exercise (needed for body and mind happiness every day) Door-to-door on a pushbike (and finding safe shortcuts in backstreets) can be faster than finding car parking/waiting for buses.   We need walk/cycle/public transport for active transport to beat the obesity epidemic, etc, etc. Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/

1d. Ways to cycle better

The only negative to pushbikes is the same as learning to ride for the 1st time, very frightening, but very rewarding when you gain the “1st world skill” of “learning to ride a bike”.  With robot automated cars in the future (invented to mainly save millions of lives from car crashes), the “rite of passage” of learning to “drive a car” will no longer be the modern day “you are now grown up for going out into the world”.   The next “rite of passage” will be learning to ride a pushbike skillfully and safely (seat height / stopping skills / leg rotation speed for faster more efficient riding. Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/

1e. 99% of walkers, bicyclists and motorists break road rules and are unsafe.

People do not have the right to jog fast past someone too closely.  It scares people and puts them in fear of walking on footpaths.  Crashes can kill
People do not have the right to pushbike fast past someone too closely.  It scares people and puts them in fear of walking on sharedpaths.  Crashes can kill
People do not have the right to drive cars fast past a pushbike too closely.  It scares people and puts them in fear of pushbiking on roads.  Crashes can kill
we all break road rules*
With everyone in the wrong, why don’t we keep arresting walkers until they are all in gaol?   Or should we focus on the transport mode that is actually causing massive road deaths and trauma?  You will need to do your own research about the transport type that is killing other people needlessly (hint : it is not skateboarders)
* 99% of everyone break road rules all the time:
1. Walkers break road rules : Currently it is socially acceptable to illegally walk across roads at an angle(not directly across at 90 degrees) and everyone does it (even though everyone is breaking the NSW Road rule 230).
2. Cyclists break road rules: Pushbike too close to parked cars.  NSW Road Rules 153, 144 & 247 instruct safety clearances (usually 1.5m away from parked cars ) 
3.  Motorists break road rules NSW Road rule 126 (Keeping a safe distance behind vehicles):   
The most common cause of crashes on our roads is rear endings from people following too closely to the car in front.  (Most crashes are rear-ends Source: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/safety-rules/safe-driving/low-risk-driving.html  Eg. the car in front stops suddenly (maybe to dodge a person) and you cannot stop in time.  It is called the 3 second safety gap for a reason, and if you are less than 3 seconds behind the car in front you are tailgating.   This is 50metres at 60km/hr and 84metres at 100km/hr.  So by definition over 95 % of Newy drivers pretty much continually tailgate.   Do the super easy research yourself.  Go to any main road in Newy and get on a straight of road away from main intersections and use a timer of a car passing a point.  Time when the car following that car passes the same point.  Really easy research that everyone should do, it should be taught in primary schools.
This is why many safety conscious people give up on the car because they cannot control the car dangerously following them.  You can gain much more safety and control on a pushbike by learning better skills and back streets.  Pushbike advocates love to help people find better backstreets, and to make submissions many government things because pushbikes are a critical part of a happy and non-discriminating society.
Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/

1f. The slowly of changing human values (slavery used to be socially acceptable)

We all have the same moral ethical values of not wanting to put others in danger.  We need to work up from common values of the person of the opposing view to see reason (working backwards from the end situation leaves many people closed minded – Science call it the Backfire effect of the brains defense mechanism to fight off its current views).  Currently it is socially acceptable to illegally walk across roads at an angle(not directly across at 90 degrees) and everyone does it (even though everyone is breaking the law NSW Road rule 230).  In the 70’s it was socially acceptable to drive drunk. But now society has changed to not let drunk drivers put others in danger.  Soon society will change to give safe clearance when overtaking cyclists. Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/
Some people rant:  “You need to pushbike in the gutter and let traffic through (pushbikes should not hold up faster vehicles).   Cars have paid for the right to use the road, so I will squeeze past cyclists because they should be more over to the left” 
Then think about:  “Primary school kids need to walk in the gutter and let adults through (Playing games on smart phones is holding up people walking faster).    Adults have paid to be able to walk to the shops, so I will barge past kids and scare them because they should make room for adults”.   
The point is that we do not scare kids off footpaths and want to make them walk in the gutter.  We know the gutter is dangerous and we want kids to be safe.
Many motorists want cyclists to ride in the gutter or parked car door opening zone.   Currently it is seen that it is too dangerous to cycle in part of the traffic lane, with cars.
But some things are complicated.   It is safer to cycle away from parked cars because the door can open anytime.  And cyclists need room to dodge things (1 metre), so the gutter is too far to the left.   Road rules say “as far left as practical (totally different to as far left as possible)” and it is law for adults to ride on roads without rego.  We all want to be safe and not break road rules, so guess what?: Non registered cyclists riding on roads are following road rules because the road rules say they should not be registered!
Drink driving became socially unacceptable when society decided their were too many deaths that were easily preventable.   Now sedentary lifestyles (almost no exercise) and obesity epidmic means we have more hospital costs and life years lost to unhealthy living than to road deaths.  Again it is easy to prevent sedentary lifestyles as seen in many European countries that have less car use.  When will Aussies wake up to the elephant in the room and stop listening to the political spin that is designed to win elections and not to benefit the health (mental, physical, etc) of the nation.  Short term promises of new highways to ease traffic congestion misses the big picture.

1g1. Why is a pushbike hogging the road?

It is courteous to pushbike in the safest part of the lane: sometimes near gutter, sometimes middle of the lane. Many motorists think pushbikes are being dangerous by forcing cars to do unsafe overtaking actions over to the other side of the road. But cyclists are just lane positioning so cars pass them leaving 1m clearance. Would you run past a pedestrian closely holding knifes out to your side? One small wobble of the pedestrian would have a knife in their arm. But walking slowly and small bumps with other people is ok.  But any small bump between a bicyclist and a car is NOT OK.   Exactly the same issue with cyclists needing 1m clearance from a passing motorist . The sooner people learn the complex issues we can all be happy. Not road hogs deliberately hogging the lane, just following road rule 129:  Ride as far left as PRACTICAL on roads.  This is totally different to as far left as possible, make sure you know the difference. Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/

 1g2. How To Overtake a bicyclist safely

Sometimes a bicycle rider may be riding more in the middle of the lane. Most riders who do this are not attempting to be annoying they are doing this for their own safety. The possible reasons are:-
1) There are parked cars to their left. Someone can open a car door and this can kill a cyclist, and there is no way of knowing if someone is in the car. Like a game of Russian Roulette. So it is safer to ride a doors width away from parked cars which may mean a cyclist is further out in the lane for their own protection.
2) The lane may be too narrow to safely share with a car. If a lane is narrow, there may be insufficient space to share the lane safely with a car by riding more out in the lane the cyclists may be saying that it is extremely unsafe to overtake in the same lane, please change lanes.
3) There may be hazards to the left of the lane that you cannot see, such as obstacles or debree. Just remember if you are a motorist, that people on bicycles are not trying to annoy you, they just want to be safe. A bicycle is a vehicle, and has the same rights to the road legally as any other vehicle. A safe cycle network benefits everyone by separation of different transport modes..

1h. What about parked cars and confusing bike picture lanes?

Do not use Newcastle “pushbike lanes”:       Do not cycle over the top of the pushbike pictures painted on the roads because they are not bike lanes (too narrow, too close to parked cars and not signposted).        NSW Road Rules 153, 144 & 247 advise to pushbike the safe way (usually 1.5m away from parked cars ) AND human rights to cycle safely (UN’s UDHR Articles 3,5,13,25,26,27,29).      Uni active travel webpages advise this also.  UoN empowers all people with solutions to pushbike for transport and to find safe backstreet shortcuts.       Unseen children can open car doors and push you into traffic.   Also never ride where a car will try to squeeze past you too closely in the same lane, this means sometimes you need to take the whole lane.  Pushbike advocates are pushing to remove these confusing, dangerous, and unethical bike pictures. Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/

1i. Top 5 issues to tell people confused about pushbikes

You will thank us for reading this:

Are you racist, sexist or just pushbikist? If you get annoyed with pushbikes on the road you are pushbikist and have not yet opened your mind to the 5 critical issues:_

1. Traffic congestion is mainly from poorly planned cities without enough public transport and too much urban sprawl. Focus our energy in the elephant in the room.
2. Cyclists are not forcing you to overtake them dangerously, by having to cross onto the otherside of the road. Would you walk closely past someone, holding out knives to your sides so one wobble will cut them?
3. Basic Human right to travel in safety please. Cars are more dangerous than you think, 99% of them constantly tailgate, not able to stop if the car in front emergency stops. 
4. You have a choice to have a fully covered pedal electric cargo tricycle. You are not forced to drive a car.  Bicycles are just as ethical, safe and easy as walking, only more efficient! For every pushbike complaint/problem there are solutions, so save years of frustration and learn what 99% of people do not know to make your life 1000 times more enjoyable
5. If an ethical pushbike network of connected safe backstreet shortcuts existed, car and bicycles would be separated.  NCC wants bicycling to be a viable option for most trips for all by 2030.
Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/

1j. Newcastle Council

Need most of NCC money and time put into #CycleSafeNetwork (stop wasting time on other stuff) to achieve it’s 2030 vision. NCC’s 2030 vision is for most trips to be a viable option for PT,  walking and cycling (short trips under 5km that are considered too dangerous now).  To achieve this vision we need a fully separated from cars pushbike network by 2018 (including all local roads 30km/hr by narrowing and speed bumps).  Then 12 years of intense social engineering schemes to get the new generation transitioning to walking and cycling.  Need to reverse the habits poeple have gotten into.  If you have a better plan that would work we are all ears. Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/

1k. Urban Sprawl discriminates and isolates!

Deep in the suburbs (away from good public transport),  seniors and other people that can no longer drive a car finally get forced to see what low density means….
Ultimately, he ended up largely stuck at home, entirely dependent on family to bring him food, give him rides, and provide simple human contact. In his final years, the car-based transportation system he’d relied on for his whole life really failed him.
1l. Some Hashtags and What an ending!
You will thank us even more for spending 5 minutes reading below (it will change your life):
#EthicalCityPlease:PublicTransport& #CylceSafeNetwork
#Human Rights not Fast rights! #MakeSafetyNormal

Join BikeLoveCorral and bike library for a more Awesome Newcastle at

Or submit the above info to any major development, because pushbikes are a part of them directly or indirectly.

A highly visible campaign, to engage everyone is needed to grow support.  NUBUG are working on this.


2a.Tell Uni we want better campus bike safety

Students can now log hazards across campus and email photos into the health and safety database. This is great for cycling.


Tell your individual item, and we recommend the following.  The more complaints they get, the more they will listen!

Bike theft and tampering has had brakes stolen from bikes.  Very dangerous to hop on your bike and find it has no brakes.  So more enclosed bike parking in caged off and student ID entry required.  Please remove all confusing bike pictures from UoN Ringroad (many reasons for this are below).  Please reduce speed limit to 30km/hr or lower.  Please put big billboards at road entrances: “Share road correctly and give 2m clearance overtaking pushbikes.  Do not squeeze past cyclists according to confusing Council and RMS bike pictures on roads”
Please put big billboards at shared path entrances: “Share path correctly and give 1m clearance overtaking people.  Do not squeeze past people”
Please make active travel have priority over cars.  The main East-West shared path from Waratah – West to Jesmond through the UoN should have priority with pedestrian crossings across each road crossing
On Newcastle roads wherever there is a bike picture on the road do not cycle over the top of it.  The authorities usually recommend for your safety you should usually cycle just to the right of it.  NSW Road Rules 153, 144 & 247 advise to ride the safe way (usually 1.5m away from parked cars) RTA.nsw.gov.au.  Over 90% of people wrongly believe they must ride on top of the bike pictures on roads (2013 survey by and more safety tips at BikeLoveCorral.blogspot.com).   
A safety separation strip between the cycle lanes and traffic lanes on any road to provide a buffer between moving traffic and the cycle lane. This should be at least 1 metre, because “1m matters” (Amy Gillett campaign)
The Uni has active travel pages: newcastle.edu.au/activetravel

2b. Stop confusion of shared paths and promote pushbike use (and bike hub storage use) with signs on campus

Please email the below text to healthandsafetyATnewcastle.edu.au and security-services@newcastle.edu.au

Not many people at UoN know the Callaghan UoN campus pathway rules. So NUBUG wants the confusion to end.

There should be posters at entry doors to every building displaying:  “Where did you park your bicycle?  Outside for thieves or inside a more secure Bike Hub?”
Here is an attempt at signage that NUBUG will lobby UoN to put up in a number of key pathways on campus.

UoN encourages Active travelling to Uni (walking and bicycling)
Pushbikes are Faster and Safer than you think (backstreet shortcuts, lights at night, learn what 99% people do not know)
Use more secure Bike Hub parking (Showers, lockers and Unisex tiolets)
All pathways at Uni are shared (walk and bicycle):
Keep on the left side of paths
Use bell to warn but only pass walkers if safe, slow and 1m clearance
Don’t “buzz” past a walker like when cars pass pushbikes too closely.
Pictures of happy walking and happy cycling on the left side of paths
Picture of a car using the other side of the road when overtaking a cyclist on the Ring Road.

3. Support the Cycle Safe Network csn.org.au

A system of safe, easy-to-follow cycle routes connecting destinations across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.
Show your support for the CycleSafe Network and complete their online petition. http://csn.org.au
The CycleSafe Network can be improved:
In light of the See Change Forum in 2014, Dan proposes that NUBUG formally endorse the Safe Cycle Network with 3 clarifications. 1. The Network should have no confusing bike pictures on roads (E.g. no bike pictures in an area were a parked door will open into, and a clear 1m gap from passing traffic lane.). 2. The matrix method to determine on road/off road facility aligns with the Safer European 30km/hr local streets and not 40km/hr. 3. Separated pedestrian paths and cyclepaths are needed to maximise the cycling potential for Newcastle/LMCC
NCC has neglected to tell you that the solution for the old “car door death bike lanes” is the new improved “car door death bike lanes without the lines, but still the confusing PS-2 bike picture on the road right where people open their doors” As described in App 5 Fig 1.2 of the Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan.  The new “Wide Shared Lane (Mixed Traffic – Spacious Profile)” is the same scary bike treatments they have been producing for over a decade.  This goes against the key objectives of the Strategy : ” Section 3.2 To provide a safe, continuous and covenient bike network… that riders feel safe and comfortable using AND to Foster a culture that regards active transport as PREFERRED choice for short trips”